A high performance product offering flexible configuration in 1, 2 and 3 storey arrangement in standalone and linked layouts. The range incorporates office, store, toilet, canteen, drying room, welfare unit, shower and sleeper specification products supported by a number of complementary ancillary items such as staircases, effluent tanks and linkways

The drawing should be read in conjuction with the current version of the drawing legend.

Please note that store units and any derivatives which include store doors cannot be stacked on each other and cannot be used in any three storey configuration.
All units are available in a range of standard sizes covering 8', 9', 10' and 12' widths with lengths from 4' to 40'. The product layouts, specification and external colour schemes are entirely configurable and a wide range of alternative or additional options are available to suit your exact requirement.
Please use the tabs to view details of the various standard product types in the range.
    The table below shows the content information for each standard size of the Drying Room type. Other aspects of this product type can be explored using the tabs above.
If you wish to view content information for a variation of this type, please use the links to the right.
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1-40-1008-0000110' x 8' Drying Room11111111156.4m
1-40-1009-0000110' x 9' Drying Room11111111156.87m
1-40-1208-0000112' x 8' Drying Room11111111157.06m
1-40-1209-0000112' x 9' Drying Room11111111187.56m
1-40-1210-0000112' x 10' Drying Room11111111188.14m
1-40-1608-0000116' x 8' Drying Room12112111208.28m
1-40-1609-0000116' x 9' Drying Room12112111208.78m
1-40-1610-0000116' x 10' Drying Room12112111209.36m
1-40-1612-0000116' x 12' Drying Room121121112310.76m
1-40-2008-0000120' x 8' Drying Room12112111239.65m
1-40-2009-0000120' x 9' Drying Room121121112510.15m
1-40-2010-0000120' x 10' Drying Room121121212510.79m
1-40-2012-0000120' x 12' Drying Room121121212712.13m
1-40-2408-0000124' x 8' Drying Room121121212610.72m
1-40-2409-0000124' x 9' Drying Room121121213011.22m
1-40-2410-0000124' x 10' Drying Room121121213011.83m
1-40-2412-0000124' x 12' Drying Room121131212913.20m
1-40-2808-0000128' x 8' Drying Room121131212811.91m
1-40-2809-0000128' x 9' Drying Room121131212812.41m
1-40-2810-0000128' x 10' Drying Room121131213013.02m
1-40-2812-0000128' x 12' Drying Room121131213314.42m
1-40-3008-0000130' x 8' Drying Room121131213012.52m
1-40-3009-0000130' x 9' Drying Room121131213013.02m
1-40-3010-0000130' x 10' Drying Room121131213213.63m
1-40-3012-0000130' x 12' Drying Room121141213415.03m
1-40-3208-0000132' x 8' Drying Room121131213213.54m
1-40-3209-0000132' x 9' Drying Room121131213214.04m
1-40-3210-0000132' x 10' Drying Room121131215021.12m
1-40-3212-0000132' x 12' Drying Room121141214722.32m
1-40-4010-0000140' x 10' Drying Room121141316026.28m
1-40-4012-0000140' x 12' Drying Room1211513160 
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